Blast Away Faded Paint and Rust

Blast Away Faded Paint and Rust

Find sandblasting services in Grand Junction, CO

You have a few objects that need to be treated and painted, but they’re covered in rust and old paint. Before you can refresh these surfaces with a new coat of paint, the old paint and corrosion must be removed. Hammerhead Paint Services LLC of Grand Junction, CO will prepare your objects for painting with a sandblasting treatment. We can use coal slag, star blast and crushed glass media in two different sizes to create the ideal surface for paints and primers.

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Thoroughly remove the paint from your industrial equipment

If you have machinery that is corroded or covered in chipped paint, give us a call. We’ll sandblasting your equipment to remove rust and paint. We recommend sandblasting for:

  • Evaporation units
  • Mining fan units
  • Oil field equipment
  • Industrial equipment

Discuss your painting and sandblasting needs with a representative of Hammerhead Paint Services LLC.